Pillar Candles

Pillar candles, which are also referred to as column candles, are thick, self standing, rigid candles. Many pillar candles have more than one wick in order to help ensure it burns evenly. The traditional shape of a pillar candle is round, but they are available in a variety of other shapes as well. Square and hexagonal shapes are also becoming more common, as are pillar candles with designs etched into the side.

Types of Pillar Candles

Pillar candles come in a wide array of colors. You can also purchase scented pillar candles, including those created specifically for aromatherapy. Soy and beeswax pillar candles are also available for those looking for a more natural and cleaner burning candle. In addition, pillar candles can be found in varying heights and diameters, making it possible to select one or more that are just right for any occasion.

Burning Pillar Candles

Though pillar candles can stand on their own and, therefore, do not need a candleholder in order to keep them upright, it is still necessary to use some form of heat-resistant candleholder to hold the candle. These holders are meant to protect the furniture underneath from becoming damaged by hot, dripping candle wax. In addition, the heat resistant property of the candleholder ensures your safety as it prevents fires from occurring.

There are multiple choices of candleholders available for pillar candles. The simplest design is a flat plate, which is often reflective, on which the pillar candle is placed. There are also pedestal candleholders available for pillar candles, which allow you to raise the candle in the air. Many people purchase three to five pedestal candleholders of varying heights for their pillar candles in order to create a more dramatic effect. Pillar towers are another popular choice. Sometimes, these towers have several plates on them to place the candle. Or, they may have enclosed holders in which the pillar candle can be placed entirely.

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Decorating with Pillar Candles

In addition to burning pillar candles in attractive candleholders, this type of candle is perfect for decorating. Properly decorated pillar candles can be the perfect centerpiece for receptions, weddings, anniversary parties, or any other special occasion.

During the Christmas holiday, for example, a red pillar candle surrounded by a small wreath of pine needles and pinecones makes for a festive and attractive centerpiece. At thanksgiving, you can take several pillar candles in various fall colors and surround them with artificial or fresh fall branches with leaves and berries. To add to the effect, purchase pillar candles of varying heights and surround them with the fall foliage. If you can't find the right colors in different heights, you can simply place a couple of the candles on a block of wood, an overturned bowl, a can, or whatever else you can find to create added height.

At a wedding or a reception, decorated pillar candles make for an inexpensive centerpiece. Liven them up by placing fresh flowers around the base. Or, simply tie a ribbon halfway down the candle in your wedding colors.

Pillar candles are attractive and available in a variety of colors, shapes, and scents. In addition, there are a wide variety of holders available for pillar candles. Therefore, you are sure to find a candle and a holder that is just right for you!