Candles can be traced back thousands of years - all the way back to biblical times.
The candle has been the main source of home lighting up to the introduction of electricity.

Many early candles in Greece and the Roman empire were made of flax thread coated with pitch and wax, while in other regions candles were made using oils, like coconut, palm, olive and beeswax (which is still used nowadays). Early dipped candles were made using tallow. Paraffin was only introduced in the 1800's, and to this day stays the main ingredient in candles.

wedding and unity candles

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The History of the Unity Candle:

The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles and a large pillar candle (the unity candle). The bride or her family hold one of the tapers as the groom or his family hold the other; the two parties light the large central candle together. They may blow out their individual candles or leave them lit beside the central candle, symbolizing that the participants in the marriage have not lost their individuality.

Most brides decorate the unity candle with a copy of the wedding invitations - this adds a very personalized touch to the candle. Others use a personal inscription, a picture of the couple, or some other ornamentation. Unity candles are often white. The lighting ceremony may be accompanied by a special musical number. (source:

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